Shiatsu – What you should know

Shiatsu has been around for many years in the Japanese culture and is now recognized around the world as a type of finger massage that can lead to many health benefits. There are many around the world who enjoy this special kind of massage and state that it is the reason that they have good health and are healing from other illnesses. Though science is quick to tell you that it is not a recognized form of treatment for any illness, there are many that will swear to its productivity, as mentioned. There are informal studies that have been done to show how it has helped many people around the world. Here is everything you should know about this special kind of hand massage.

The art form of shiatsu started in Japan around the 700 CE time period that was called anma. Though the modern form has taken on a life of its own, the science is the same. It is a special kind of finger massage that include massaging with fingers, thumbs and palms. It aids in stretching the muscles, and manipulating joints and aiding in mobilization as well. Historically, anma was regarded as a special kind of work force that only blind people could work for, it was regarded as a special kind of massage that relied on a heightened sense of touch. There is a college in the 1940 that was considered to be the birth place of the modern form of shiatsu, and it grew to worldwide recognition from there.

As mentioned, shiatsu is a modern art form that involves kneading with different parts of the hand and helping reduce the ailments that the client is feeling. It is a kind of comfortable and light massage that can be done through light clothing so that the client is comfortable at all times. There are no oils involved, and it is known as a great way to deal with both physical, mental, and emotional ailments of all kinds. The kinds of massages can be stimulating and more aggressive, or calming and gentle depending on the treatment need. Focusing on balancing Qi levels, the therapist will evaluate your body and find where the levels need to balanced out for a more complete health.

At its core, shiatsu is a kind of therapy that is entirely non-invasive and will provide better health overall. It is reported to help with muscle stiffness, stimulating the skin, help with digestion and the nervous system in general. It can also be used to help with more general ailments such as headaches, PMS, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and various kinds of back and neck pain.

There are many who find the regular shiatsu appointments (once a week, or several times per month) are helpful, in dealing with their lives. These people are those who tend to have hectic lives with plenty of stress, which this massaging technique helps alleviate. Others find that it is beneficial who are very into sports and other parts of active living and have a lot of muscle pain. The same goes with those who are dealing with muscle or joint injuries that require regular massage and stretching techniques to help the muscle/tendon perform at its personal best. There are some who say that shiatsu is beneficial as a alternative or addition to traditional cancer treatments. It is said to give many a peace of mind required to heal and fight, as well as relief from physical symptoms like nausea or severe muscle pain.

As we have discussed, there are all sorts of benefits to regular shiatsu appointments, regardless of your lifestyle or reason for going. There are no kinds of side effects that have been reported, and it is an accessible treatment that many private therapists can provide for reasonable prices in your area. Shiatsu is a reliable way to get a special kind of mental, emotional, and physical relief from all sorts of illnesses and ailments that cannot be treated otherwise. Studies have known that those who engage regularly in these kinds of therapies have had to use pain medication less often and at lower dosages. Though no medical centres in North America seem to be recognizing this special kind of massage as a reliable alternative therapy, the unpublished and hard-to-find results show an important story that needs to get more publicity.

Due to the fact that it will stimulate the nervous system, shiatsu is said to help the body heal itself, be it a physical problem such as chronic headaches, or whether it is a horrible case of depression that is already being treated with medication and traditional kinds of therapy.

The key to having a successful treatment in shiatsu is to recognize it has an official kind of therapy and to take the appointments seriously. The key to getting better is positive thought, after all, so why shouldn’t this same theory be applied to something like shiatsu. Around the world and for many years, shiatsu has been widely used on people of all demographics and backgrounds to help them deal with individual problems that they have in their lives. It has made such a positive difference for them, that its surprising that it has not been accepted as an alternative or additive to regular medical treatments.

Historically, shiatsu has a long history of helping people live healthier and happier lives overall, and the modern form of this special kind of hand massage is no different, whether it is a cancer treatment, or severe lower back pain. If you are someone with a busy lifestyle or any other reason that pain is a problem (including stress related pain), this is a safe and tested therapy that you should consider. There are no negative side effects to worry about, like medications, and it is a personalized kind of therapy that you can discuss with the therapist who is going to help you out. Join the hundreds of people who enjoy the healing benefits of shiatsu today and see just what it can do for you.