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Remedial massage for ankle sprains, sciatica, and back pain

Back injuries, ankle injuries, and sciatica are all incredibly common in individuals of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes and in actual fact, as many as 1 in 4 individuals will experience back pain and/or sciatica at some point in their lives, generally before they reach 45 years of age. Active individuals suffer from these conditions, just as inactive individuals do. Whilst ankle sprains are directly caused by something, I.E a slip, trip or fall, back pain and sciatica can strike at any moment, without any real warning at all. Most people rely on painkillers and prescription drugs to help deal with these conditions, but this is far from ideal because not only do these drugs have a number of very unpleasant side effects, but they don’t actually solve the problem at all, they simply mask the pain meaning you have to keep topping yourself up with more drugs as they begin to wear off after a few hours. Remedial massage however, has been found to be very beneficial at treating all of the above. Here’s a more in-depth look at how.


Ankle sprains

– As previously mentioned, ankle sprains are usually the result of some sort of injury, whether it be a trip or fall, or even simply twisting your ankle whilst running or walking. Ankle sprains are very painful and can make walking an extremely painful ordeal. One of the reasons why ankle sprains prove so painful is because when the injury occurs, tissue on and around the ankle becomes swollen and inflamed, which can then put pressure on verves making them very sensitive and tender. Remedial massage is able to locate the position of adhesions and knots in the soft tissue, and by applying just the right amount of pressure, is able to break them down and alleviate the painful swelling.


Back pain

– Back pain is unfortunately pretty common, especially cute lower back pain, which is known as Lumbago. Back pain can be incredibly painful and can render many people immobile and bedridden for a number of days. Even bathing or sleeping can be extremely difficult due to the extreme pain, which is why remedial massage is considered so popular and effective in these circumstances. Often, back pain is caused by inflammation in the back, in which nerves may be pinched and/or trapped. Chronic muscle pain and tension in the back will be treated and reduced greatly with remedial massage, when deep and direct pressure is applied to trigger points responsible for causing most of the pain. The pressure is applied along fibres of the muscle, rather than just fibres in general, which helps to break down scar tissue and fascia, free nerves, promote circulation, and reduce inflammation and pain.



– Sciatica is caused by the sciatic nerve, the nerve which runs from our lower backs all the way down to the soles of our feet, becoming trapped. For example, if sciatica is muscular, it is caused by one of the buttock muscles pressing on the nerve, trapping or pinching it, sending pain running all the way down your leg. By stretching the fascia and the back muscles, tissue is able to become more relaxed and adhesions and knots can be broken down, which will again result in less pressure on the nerves. Soft tissue massage can help to greatly improve mobility and to reduce painful symptoms associated with sciatica, meaning that after each massage session the symptoms will be greatly improved.


Remedial massage for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and whiplash

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have suffered with an injury of any sort, you’ll know how unpleasant and how difficult it can make your day to day life. Even if it was simply a small injury that healed itself after a day or two, you still would have suffered, but imagine if you were suffering from a chronic injury that plagued you every single day and just didn’t seem to get any better, no matter what you tried. Common examples of these sorts of injuries include Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and whiplash. These are not injuries and afflictions that you simply leave to heal themselves, as these conditions will only get better with the right treatments. Fortunately, remedial massage therapy has been found to be incredibly effective at treating all three, for a number of reasons. Remedial massage places an emphasis on manipulating soft tissue via touch to obtain a positive reaction and thus far it’s proved highly effective. Here’s a look at how remedial massage could help treat carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and whiplash.


Carpal tunnel syndrome

– Carpal tunnel syndrome is basically a condition in which the median nerve within the wrist has become trapped, resulting in intense pain and very limited movement within the hand, and possibly even the arm as well. The main way in which pain is able to be relieved is if pressure on the nerve itself is relieved, until eventually the nerve is able to be released. The best way of achieving this is with frequent remedial massage of the hand, wrist, and arm in general. Within just a few days the pain should be reduced, and mobility should increase slightly. After each session, symptoms should improve even more. Remedial massage should help to break down inflamed soft tissue which could be trapping or pinching the median nerve until eventually the nerve is free altogether.


Tennis elbow

– Tennis elbow is known as tennis elbow because, not surprisingly, a number of tennis players happened to suffer with this very condition. Tennis elbow affects the elbow although this can then result in an extreme lack of mobility in the arm, and pain when performing even the simplest of tasks. The elbow tendons may be inflamed or swollen which in turn will cause severe pain as a result. Remedial massage has proven highly effective at treating tennis elbow, because again, it is often caused by inflammation in the elbow tendons. Remedial massage will locate trigger points responsible for the swelling, and with massage techniques, these muscle adhesions will be manipulated until they break down, which then reduces the inflammation. An increase in circulation also benefits greatly, especially if a slight muscle tear has occurred.



– Whiplash is most commonly experienced as a result of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Whiplash is best described as being a form of severe neck sprain which is often the result of being involved in a vehicle crash. As it is a soft tissue injury, remedial massage is absolutely fantastic for treating whiplash injuries because it of course places an emphasis on soft tissue manipulation. Basically whiplash gets its name because it is the result of the head first bending forwards, and then whipping backwards dramatically away from the actual point of impact. Remedial massage helps to promote mobility, pain relief, improved circulation, and more besides. This helps to not only break down adhesions, to but also help break down scar tissue as well as deep fascia as well, which will help to free soft and deep tissue which could potentially be pressing down on nerves in and around the neck.


Remedial massage for Hamstrings, Achilles, and frozen shoulder injuries

As well as helping to promote rest, relaxation, and general mental health and well-being, it’s also a well documented fact that massage is also highly beneficial for when it comes to physical injuries and ailments that could be plaguing a number of different parts of our bodies for a number of different reasons. There are many different forms of massage therapy used to treat various injuries and ailments, yet one of the most popular and most common treatments is Remedial Massage. Remedial Massage is considered one of the most effective, most readily available, and most highly prescribed methods of treating and preventing various aches, pains, muscular injuries, muscle soreness, and general bumps and sore spots. Remedial massage works by manipulating soft tissue in order to elicit a positive response. Here we’ll be taking a look at Remedial Massage for Achilles tendon injuries, hamstring injuries, and frozen shoulder injuries.


Remedial massage for Hamstrings

– For active individuals, especially those who play sports and engage in a lot of physical exercise, hamstring injuries are extremely common and are incredibly painful in the process. Tight hamstrings, or worse still, pulled or torn hamstring muscles, can be very painful and can make even the simplest of tasks such as walking or bending down to pick something up, an incredibly painful ordeal. The hamstrings are the large muscles which are located along the back of the thighs, and they’re easy to become injured during physical exercise. Remedial massage however, is ideal for not only treating hamstring injuries, but also for preventing them as well. Remedial massage works by not only breaking down knots and adhesions in the hamstrings and legs in general, but also by promoting circulation which improves oxygen and nutrient transportation, which again helps to promote recovery and improve the efficiency of the muscles in general.


Remedial massage for frozen shoulder

– Frozen shoulder is basically a term used to describe when an individuals’ arm, particularly the shoulder, is stiff and very immobile, meaning that it can’t be moved, even a few inches, without an individual experiencing extreme pain. Most medical treatments for frozen shoulder rely heavily on prescription drugs and painkillers, which overtime can be bad for our health anyways. Plus, these painkillers don’t solve the problem at all, they just mask the pain. Remedial massage however, has been found to be a viable solution that not only treats the pain, but also helps to rectify the issue altogether. With remedial massage, trigger points will be located which are especially tender and painful to the touch. From here, the soft tissue will be manipulated and overtime, mobility will increase, pain will decrease, and the condition itself will get better and better.


Remedial massage for Achilles tendon injuries

– Your Achilles tendon is located on the heel of your foot, just below your ankle joint. Runners and athletes who are on their feet a lot often suffer from Achilles tendon injuries such as tendonitis in the tendon itself. Again, remedial massage will apply pressure to the affected area, and the surrounding area, to locate adhesions, break down tough tissue, and to help promote circulation to allow more oxygenated blood to the area. Oxygen helps assist with the recovery process, so obviously the more oxygen that is present, the faster the recovery process will be.