Reflexology – Will it Help Treat My Illness?

Modern world has brought big changes to the way people live nowadays. It is true that life is much easier with the help of modern technology, but it is also undeniable the fact that people way of living has caused them to suffer more illnesses compared to people in the past as the result of lots of pressures in their lives.

Less time to rest, too many stresses and strains of working life, fast food consumption, less time for doing sport will contribute to weaker body which will result in suffering different kinds of illnesses. So in order to have a healthier life, it’s important that we have reflexology. We may often hear people around us talking about reflexology, but how much we know about it? How can reflexology help our health and healing? So here we are with some detail information of it to help you to have a much healthier life.

Brief History

Reflexology actually is an ancient practice that has been passed down orally and has been documented in China, India and Egypt histories. It is believed that it was first time introduced to European society through a massage book that was translated from Chinese into Italian by Marco Polo in the 1300s and in 1582 through a book called Zone Therapy by Dr Adamus and Dr A’tatis. Later in 1913, William H Fitzgerald and Dr Edwin Bowers introduced it to the public of America.

Zone Therapy

Reflexology which is also known as Zone therapy is the application of pressure to some points and areas of body such as hands, feet and ears appropriately using a specific thumb, finger technique without the application of oil in order to stimulate the reflex points so that people will be healthier. It is believed that some points and areas of our feet, hands and ears correspond to all parts of our body.

Through the research done by Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington, it is said that there is neurological relationship between skin and internal organs. With right stimulus to the nervous system, it will bring overall relaxation which results in optimum functioning of the internal organs and their systems.

It will also help increasing blood supply that will bring effect to the good neuropeptide, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, and immune system. Therefore right stimulation will make us become healthier in general. It helps our body to become relax by releasing stress that will result in body healing and self regenerating.

Treatment for Illnesses

It’s important for you to know that Reflexology is used to complement other treatments and for preventive purpose. It can’t be used for diagnosing or treating disease. You need to know that reflexologists don’t heal you, but they provide the condition so that your body can nurture and repair itself by releasing the stress. So in order to avoid delaying necessary medical care, claims about how reflexology cures illnesses should be ignored.

Anybody at any age, either a baby or people approaching the end of life can have reflexology. People with cancer treatment, diabetes, kidney function, cardiovascular issues and sinusitis can receive the treatment without much to worry as reflexology won’t cause them any harm and is totally safe. The key for best result is consistency.

Reflexologists may be able to give you a quality stimulation to break the stress but without good quantity, maximum result won’t be achieved perfectly. It’s not a must for you to go to a reflexology centre. A creative idea of providing stimulation to your feet through a foot roller while waiting for your kids at school, reading a newspaper or watching TV will do. Once again, the key is consistency. However there will be some people with certain conditions that aren’t allowed to receive this therapy such a person with foot fractures, unhealed wounds, osteoarthritis that impacts the foot or ankle, women in early pregnancy (the first 6 weeks) , and people with embolism and thrombosis.

For those who have massage therapy beside reflexology, it is suggested to have massage after 48 hours of having reflexology or vice versa to avoid overload on systems. It will be much better if you consult your therapist first before having your reflexology session.

How it is Administer

Reflexology therapy will be differently applied to people based on their conditions. There will be physical and non physical factors to be considered before therapy is received for your well being. Reflexologists will always start by following on the entire steps of the therapy session starting from toe and then working down the foot. It is because based on the theory of reflexology; stimulation to the entire part of the foot will help relaxing the whole body. Specific conditions of the client will later make the therapist focusing on the areas that correspond to the presenting problem.

Usually during the therapy session you will experience coughing, laughing, light head feeling, sweating on feet or hands, chilled sensation, sleepy feeling, loose and relaxed muscle, thirst, and relief from pain. While after the session you will experience some reactions that will last 24-48 hours such as diarrhea, pimples or skin rashes which happen due to elimination of toxin, increasing energy, good sleeping and more mobile joints.

A session of therapy will last around 30-60 minutes in a sitting or reclining position with your shoes and socks removed for better exploration. It will be very useful if you can give feedback about how you feel after the treatment to your therapist so that she can manage kinds of treatment plan that will suit you for the next therapy session.

Healing Benefits

Reflexology is usually used to help calming chronic pain, reviving creativity, lessening stress, relaxing your body, enriching pregnancy, increasing general health, nurturing emotional well being, clearing the body impurities, decreasing premenstrual symptoms, reducing insomnia and fatigue, increasing circulation and addressing digestive imbalances. So, have you considered having reflexology as your new way of living for better health ? With the combination of regular exercises and reflexology therapy, your body will be much healthier and ready to receive more pressures of work and life